33 % More Fun

Life is supposed to be fun

Silly Signs at Work

My company is moving to a new office soon. We have a ridiculous amount of emails and signs posted everywhere. The emails and signs are long and complicated and quite frankly just no fun. So I decided to simplify things for people.



Yup! 33% more fun, 50% more clear, and 95% more creative.

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Finding the Upside

I know I have a tendency toward optimism in my life but I haven’t been so great about bring it to work. My challenge this week is to try and find the upside to as many situations as possible. If I have the opportunity I will write it down (I think writing things down is a great way to remind yourself that you are on the right track.)

Here’s an example conversation I had with my boss this morning.
Boss: How are you today?
Me: Much better, thank you. And yourself?
Boss: Well, it’s still early, I don’t know yet.
Me: In that case, at least it’s not bad yet.
Boss: (chuckling) At least you found the upside.

Cue the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

I mean seriously, couldn’t you just keep whistling that song all day? It’s such a catchy tune.

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Make a list I can check off

In an attempt to increase my 33% of fun, I’ve decided to take baby steps at work. I may not be able to make it all great right this moment, but I can do a few things to make it better. I’ve come up with a bunch of ideas and I’m going to try them out one at a time.

The past few months I’ve felt overwhelmed at work. Too much to do and not enough time. People are always asking me to do things that sidetrack me from my main focus. I have a to do list that’s 100 ft long and I feel like I just keep adding to it and never actually get to check anything off. The to do list is usually those big ticket items that often require lots of little things to get done first.

I’ve decided it’s time to acknowledge the little things I actually get done. Maybe I can’t finish the entire proposal today but maybe I can make the map for the proposal. Yay! Now I get a check, gold star for me! Also, when people come to me for little things, I plan on writing them down and checking them off immediately. That way, at the end of the day, I can see what I’ve done and feel better about the fact that I am indeed getting things done, even if I don’t get to check off a big item.

I hope my little list will help me check off my big list and then someday my list will be like this…

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