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Disturbing the Time Space Continuum

I have this thing where I think everything needs to be in chronological order. This idea tends to hinder me, particularly when it comes to blogging, because it should all be in chronological order. If by chance I’ve done a 33% more fun activity and I haven’t written about it and then I do another 33% more fun activity, I CLEARLY can only write about the latest and greatest 33% activity. But I’ve decided that this will be NO MORE.

I actually did a lot of 33% more fun activities this last year that I haven’t written about. I have a whole list of blogs to write up, but this chronological order things seems to keep getting in the way.

This year I will bravely go where no one has gone before and I will test the Time Space Continuum and I will blog OUT OF ORDER!!!! Can I get an “AMEN!”


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33% more fun

Here’s the conversation I had with my friend over a beer the other night.

Friend: My new years resolution is to have 33% more fun this year.
Me: 33%?
Friend: I was pretty drunk on new years and thought it sounded like a good number. You know, everything now has 33% more!
Me: That makes since? But how are you going to do that? What percentage of fun do you have now? How are you going to quantify this?

The conversation devolved into great depth about how to quantify this 33%. This is what we came up with.

Let me explain. We decided to do a weekly sum. 168 hrs/week, roughly 49 of those hrs are spent sleeping (avg 7 hrs a night) = 119 (rounded to 120) waking hours in which you could be having fun. 50 of those hrs are spent at work (roughly 40% of my time) 70 hours not at work (60%).

Because he had a particularly crappy year (only 2% of his time being fun) we decided that his goal was 33% overall. We agreed that this was a very reachable goal for him.

My calculations got a little more complicated. I decided that I have fun about 80% of the time I’m not at work (56 hrs) and maybe 10% of my time at work (5 hrs, That’s a dismal number). 33% of 61 is 20 totaling 80 hrs a week, which would increase my total happiness to roughly 70% of the time. I think that’s a pretty good number.

My new years resolution was to complain less about work. As my friend so wonderfully pointed out, my real goal was to have more fun at work (meaning there is less to complain about). Hmmm, maybe their will be a spreadsheet involved. Quantifying happiness is a little difficult, but overall a fun idea.

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