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My Rainy Saturday

This weekend was special, to put it nicely. First, my car got towed while it was legally parked on the street in front of my house. Thanks Houston. So my husband and I made a plan to pick it up early the next morning before he went to his Saturday class. A few hundred dollars later I had my car and was headed home and looking forward to crawling back into bed, but I would not be so lucky.

See, the car that got towed is our spar car that we are working on selling. It wasn’t until I got home that morning that I remembered we had taken the house key off of the key chain. I was locked out. Crap, crappidy, crap, crap, crap!!!

The rain was coming down hard as I pulled out a chair and just sat in the middle of the garage. It was a little past 8am and I seriously contemplated if it was too early to start drinking. My husbands class was a 4 hr class way on the other side of town, it didn’t really seem to make since to go get the key from him, surely I could entertain myself some way.

I pulled out my phone, “Great, 20% battery. I guess I’m not entertaining myself with youtube videos. Think, think, think. How do I turn lemons into lemonade? With Vodka! Maybe it’s not too early to start drinking. No it’s definitely too early to start drinking.” So I just sat there and kept thinking.

I finally remembered that I’d always wanted to go to the Printing Museum. That seemed like a good activity for a rainy day. The printing museum was actually kind of amazing! Of course it explained the history of printing and it had old newspapers displayed. I really liked the papers from colonial times, they even had colonial currency.

IMG_5652 IMG_5653

I was also interested to hear that the typewriter had a bit of a bumpy start when it first came out and it took the invention of the telephone before the typewriter really got its start.


The museum had wonderful old printing machines and because it was Saturday they were doing demonstrations. I found it absolutely fascinating. The Linotype was the most interesting. You type the word or phrase you want on the keyboard which drops a mold of each letter. When the typist is ready the machine pours a melted metal consisting of lead, antimony, and tin to make the cast. Then they put all the casts together to create the page for printing. When they are done with the casts they just remelt them. I thought this was just so cool and ingenious.


If you ever get a chance to go to the Print Museum in Houston you should go. Especially on a Saturday when they are doing demonstrations. I also saw demonstrations on papermaking, bookbinding,  and limestone lithography. What started out as a crappy day turned into a pretty fun adventure. It was definately 33% more fun than sitting in my garage for 4 hours, wallowing in self pity and waiting for my husband to come home.

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The Perfect Day!

Today was one of those perfect days. The kind where everything just seems to go right. I admit that nothing particularly special happened, but it felt perfect. I got to sleep in, my husband made me amazing breakfast tacos, and we watched I Love Lucy, (my version of Saturday morning cartoons), and that was just the beginning!

The best part of the day was the weather. It was the kind of day where you just had to be out in it, participating in the beauty of it all. So I got on my vintage bike and rode around town. Everything I looked at seemed perfect. There were so many beautiful flowers of all varieties and colors. Butterflies and dragonflies came out to greet me and everyone I came across smiled happily with joy, as if they knew it was the perfect day too!


I decided to ride to my friends house and we spent the afternoon basking in the sun and catching up. The afternoon flew by with great conversations that left me filled with new ideas to ponder.

On the way home I decided to stop at the grocery store and grab a few things for dinner. I happened to wondering into the icecream isle. To my great surprise and delight they had Blue Bunny ice cream!! I’ve been looking for it for years and it’s a new item at our local grocery store. My husband has never had it, so I bought chocolate and vanilla and he approved of both!


After dinner, I still had some energy left and I wanted to make some tasty treats. I really wanted to try to make fudge, but that seemed more involved than I had time for, so I made scones instead. Now my tea party can be complete!! (except I still need a few more guests.) I guess that just means I have a 33% activity to look forward to in the future.


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Bocce Ball League

My friends and I joined a Bocce Ball League. It’s great because you can have a beer in one hand and throw the ball with the other. It’s easy and makes my Tuesday nights 33% more fun!

IMG_2707       IMG_2702

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Farmer’s Market


I’ve been hearing about this great farmer’s market for years and I finally went. It was awesome! While I was wondering through and taking it all in, I was reminded of Taiwan and the markets I use to go to. Instinctually I wanted to speak Chinese and it rolled off my tough with such familiarity. I had to rack my brain for my high school Spanish, surely lodged somewhere in my memory. But despite my best efforts only Chinese came to mind. Oddly enough, I even fumbled on my English as I bought tons of wonderful vegetables. At the back of the farmer’s market I found a stand where you could buy an opened coconut to drink from. I use to get those in Taiwan too. So of course I bought one. It was so much fun to wondered around with my coconut cup, full of coconut water, buying lots of fresh vegetables. I’d even say it was 33% more fun and will probably become a repeat weekend activity. 


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Strawberry Festival???

My friends and I headed to the strawberry festival last week. It was a beautiful day out and we were really excited. The first thing we saw was a petting zoo with lots of baby animals. They had baby goats and calves but I got really excited when I saw the fawns. I really wanted to go pet them but my friends were a bit more reserved and it wasn’t until Sarah fell in love with baby goat that we wandered in. The funny thing is, that baby goat fell in love with her too. They were a match made in heaven, but it wasn’t meant to be. A city girl with a baby goat just wasn’t going to work out. I know Sarah laments the loss of her friend and I can only imagine that the baby goat dreams about her as well, hoping she’ll come and take him away from the petty zoo. It’s a hard life you know. Being pet by strangers and stepped on by children. Being bullied by the other goat. Being too small to reach the hay feeds and having to settle for all the leftovers. Yes, I’m sure he still dreams of Sarah and that she will take him away to a real farm where he can frolic and play all day.



We eventually continued on our journey, not knowing that if we had left right then, it would have been a perfect experience. As we walked through the desolate festival grounds, we noted that it looked more like a fair with its hotdog, fries, lemonade, and funnel cake stands. There was a portable bus shop or two with clothes and shoes to sell. Of course we saw plenty of sunglass huts and the auctioning off of a 4 wheeler, the real sign that you are at a county fair. As we reached the end of the strip are questions were all the same. Where were all the strawberries?


We headed into the convention center building and got our first glimpse of strawberries, chocolate covered ones to be exact. We decided we would buy some on our way out. We wandered around looking at all the booths and again noticed that they were selling things that had nothing to do with strawberries. They didn’t even decorate anything with strawberries. I was beginning to question life and the existence of strawberries when we finally saw the most gigantic strawberry shortcake. How gigantic you ask? World record gigantic. So we bought a big piece of the world record strawberry shortcake, all took a big bite, and were all disappointed. At least we can saw we had a bite of the Guinness Book of World Records strawberry shortcake. That’s got to count for something.


We decided to grab our chocolate covered strawberries and walk around a bit more. We figured we were had to be missing something and the strawberry fields had to be a bit further down. The farther we went the more hopeless we became. Our dream of romping in the strawberry fields, finding the perfect strawberry, picking it right off the vine, and eating it right there was fading quickly. We finally concluded that we were at a strawberry festival without any strawberries.

We turned around and headed back. We were just about back to the petting zoo when we spotted it. A lone strawberry stand with only 5 pints of strawberries left. We each bought a pint. It seemed like a small victory that day, but an important one. As we left Sarah said one last tearful goodbye to her little goat. It had been a strange festival. But at least we ended up with a few strawberries at the end of it.


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Outdoor Ballet

I love the ballet. It’s part of my 33% more fun program. So tonight when I heard about a ballet being performed at an outdoor theater it sounded like a great activity.

I decided to take my newly acquired 3 year old yellow lab, Dante. He belonged to my fiance, but I have adopted him and I’m trying to get him out and about more. I thought this was a great opportunity to take him out and see how he does in this sort of setting.

Here are the things I learned tonight…
1. Dante loves popcorn and it’s a great way to bribe him to lay down while watching the show.
2. Dante hates clapping. It totally freaks him out.
3. Dante won’t bark at other dogs. But kites? kites are another thing. They are clearly dangerous, because they fly, and deserve to be barked at and killed if captured.
4. Watching the ballet outside is a totally different experience than watching it in a theater. Lets just say there are more distractions, like kids wanting to pet your hyper dog.
5. The best part about watching a ballet outdoors was that I was able to enjoy popcorn and a slushy. So all in all. It’s balances itself out.


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Slow dance

The BF and I headed to my friend’s wedding this weekend. It was tons of fun. We spent a lot of time discussing what we would like at our wedding (Right!?!, Totally crazy and awesome at the same time.) We also spent a fair amount of time on the dance floor, swinging, twisting, jumping, and having fun. The last song of the night was Brian Adams “Everything I do, I do it for you.” The DJ asked all the single people to stay on the dance floor and dance as well. As I slowed dance with Nathan, it finally really hit me that I’m no longer one of the single girls. I’m no longer is some relationship that I don’t know what’s going to happen next. To people on the outside looking in, it seems as if we are moving fast. But really it just seems like this beautiful slow dance, swaying to the beat of our own hearts.

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Not too long ago I went and ran some errands with my new boyfriend. It was really our first shopping experience together and I wasn’t really sure how it would go. It was going along just fine until we ended up in the makeup aisle. (Anyone who knows me realizes what a funny statement that is.) I happened to need some new makeup, but because I don’t wear it very often I have no idea how to shop for it. I was picking up all sorts of eye shadows, eyeliners, and lipstick and mulling over them for quite a while.

The new BF hung in there pretty well but finally excused himself with some excuse that he needed a drink. I took that cue to mean I needed to hurry up. I quickly made my decision and headed towards the registers. I checked out and as I looked for him I saw my new BF with 2 huge icees. He smiled at me and said, “I figured you would like cherry.” How did he know!?! Cherry is my favorite! I love icees! I practically skipped out of Target feeling like a kid with my hands wrapped around my cherry icee and the biggest smile ever.

“Yup,” I thought to myself, “Life is a good.” A BF who can handle going shopping with me and buys me a cherry icees!!! That definitely makes my life 33% more fun.



Ruby Reds for Wicked

I finally went to see Wicked. My mom and sisters have been raving about it for years. I was so excited to go! I like going to the theater. It’s fun and makes me feel sophisticated.

Part of the fun is dressing up. After picking out my dress I sorted through my mound of shoes. In the back, I found my red heels that had been forgotten. I suddenly imagined glittering them and feeling like Dorthy. I didn’t. But I did change my dress and wore my ruby red’s to see Wicked! Seeing Wicked was tons of fun. But accessorising to complement the story was 33% more fun!

If only I had bought these in the Dallas airport.


Wicked 2: Hoe Down in Texas, the Making of the Ruby Red Cowboy Boots.

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Star Gazing

I love the stars and always have. I somehow always feel more connected when I stare up at them. There really isn’t anything better than laying on the grass, staring up at balls of gas burning billions of miles away.

This last weekend was the Perseid meteor shower. I packed up my friends and some blankets and headed way out of town to watch the sky fall on us. It was so nice to be out of the city for the night and remember how much I love the stars.

For a science nerd, way more than 33% more fun.

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