33 % More Fun

Life is supposed to be fun

Message on a Bottle…Cap

There is nothing quite like a hidden message to put a smile on your face. Like the message on the opposite side of a dove candy. “Your smile lights up a room.” Aww how cute, I guess I will smile more.


Open that bottle of beer and on the other side of the cap is a quote that says “Good for You!” That’s right! Good for me for opening a beer. I feel much better now.


This post may sound a bit sarcastic, but I sincerely think that sometimes the little things can help make life so enjoyable. So go for it, take the advice on these wrappers and caps and just see what happens. If nothing else, you’re day is surely to be 33% brighter.


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Slow dance

The BF and I headed to my friend’s wedding this weekend. It was tons of fun. We spent a lot of time discussing what we would like at our wedding (Right!?!, Totally crazy and awesome at the same time.) We also spent a fair amount of time on the dance floor, swinging, twisting, jumping, and having fun. The last song of the night was Brian Adams “Everything I do, I do it for you.” The DJ asked all the single people to stay on the dance floor and dance as well. As I slowed dance with Nathan, it finally really hit me that I’m no longer one of the single girls. I’m no longer is some relationship that I don’t know what’s going to happen next. To people on the outside looking in, it seems as if we are moving fast. But really it just seems like this beautiful slow dance, swaying to the beat of our own hearts.

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Wear More Hats

I have a new friend and she loves to tell me stories. Here is one from this week.

I was sitting at a wedding reception with my daughter and I was wearing one of my sparkly hats and smoking. My daughter in law looked at me and said, “Don’t you feel bad that you are the only one wearing a hat and smoking.” I said, “No I don’t feel bad, I just think everyone else should be wearing a hat and smoking too.”

Expect to start seeing me in more of these….

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You’re Never Too Old to Play Dress Up

After a few glasses of wine I headed home due to some work issues. They didn’t take long to resolve, but I was home and I don’t really feel like going back out. I was feeling pretty good and listening to music and wondering what to do next. I don’t have cable and I’d already watched all my shows on hulu. Now what?

I looked across the room and saw the white dress peering out at me from the box I opened earlier. It’s practically begging me to try it on. I figured, why not? I’ll flounce around in my friends wedding dress for the evening. That way I can give her an accurate report of what it is like. Mind you, my friend is about 5 sizes smaller than me, despite the fact that we have the same bust size. Of course it doesn’t fit, but the dress is gorgeous. It’s simple and sleek, very my style (I kind of hate her for getting it first). I’m also impressed by how light weight it feels. I remember my sister’s dress being so heavy. As I sat on the couch, I look it over very carefully, taking mental notes of the fabric, seams, and shape. I got lost in the craftsmanship of the dress and I could feel ideas forming.

I’ve always dreamed of making my own wedding dress. For a good decade now, I’ve been looking at all of my friends wedding dresses and picking and choosing the things I like about each one to see how I might coalesce all of them into a beautiful dress for myself. (side note: The dress is the only thing I’ve planned about my future wedding. I have never been one of those girls that had colors, location, table arrangements, and flowers all picked out. Nope, for me it’s just about the boy and the dress. I couldn’t care less about the other stuff.) I remember as a little girl dressing up in my grandmothers old curtains and table clothes. I took so much care and time pinning it all together, just right, to make a beautiful wedding dress for myself (Hmmmm, I wonder if my mom has a picture of that.) I would then prance about the living room, showing it off to everyone. 

I finally took the dress off and put it back in the box with a new since of hope that someday I will have my own white dress, all pinned perfectly together for my own special day. That sounds like fun.