33 % More Fun

Life is supposed to be fun

September Tea(cup)


What could be more fun than having tea in September in your September teacup!?!  (Don’t answer that, I know there are a lot of things that are more fun.) Dang it I already thought of one, Crumpets! I need crumpets with my tea. Maybe a teapot, a nice teapot would be good. How about a tea party?!! Let’s wear silly hats and have a tea party! Yes!!! But with who…

Dante Tea

I’m not really sure Dante had nearly as much fun as I did.

P.S. No animals or hats were harmed in the making of these photos.

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Duck BBQ

My husband had a BBQ & Pool Party without me!

BBQ Balloons

Pool Party

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Bocce Ball League

My friends and I joined a Bocce Ball League. It’s great because you can have a beer in one hand and throw the ball with the other. It’s easy and makes my Tuesday nights 33% more fun!

IMG_2707       IMG_2702

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Pretzel Rolls

There is this fabulous German bakery in Alabama that I use to go to for breakfast sometimes. They had these delicious pretzel rolls and I would put cream cheese and strawberry jam on them. Every time I bit into one it would take me back to my Oma’s house, where we had fresh cut german bread and I would smear it with the same delectable toppings, just the way my Oma taught me. The other day I was craving these warm pretzel rolls and thought I would try to make them myself. They turned out good. Not bakery good, but for an amateur’s first time I would say they turned out well. And of course, pretzel rolls are 33% more fun than just plain old dinner rolls.


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Strawberry Festival???

My friends and I headed to the strawberry festival last week. It was a beautiful day out and we were really excited. The first thing we saw was a petting zoo with lots of baby animals. They had baby goats and calves but I got really excited when I saw the fawns. I really wanted to go pet them but my friends were a bit more reserved and it wasn’t until Sarah fell in love with baby goat that we wandered in. The funny thing is, that baby goat fell in love with her too. They were a match made in heaven, but it wasn’t meant to be. A city girl with a baby goat just wasn’t going to work out. I know Sarah laments the loss of her friend and I can only imagine that the baby goat dreams about her as well, hoping she’ll come and take him away from the petty zoo. It’s a hard life you know. Being pet by strangers and stepped on by children. Being bullied by the other goat. Being too small to reach the hay feeds and having to settle for all the leftovers. Yes, I’m sure he still dreams of Sarah and that she will take him away to a real farm where he can frolic and play all day.



We eventually continued on our journey, not knowing that if we had left right then, it would have been a perfect experience. As we walked through the desolate festival grounds, we noted that it looked more like a fair with its hotdog, fries, lemonade, and funnel cake stands. There was a portable bus shop or two with clothes and shoes to sell. Of course we saw plenty of sunglass huts and the auctioning off of a 4 wheeler, the real sign that you are at a county fair. As we reached the end of the strip are questions were all the same. Where were all the strawberries?


We headed into the convention center building and got our first glimpse of strawberries, chocolate covered ones to be exact. We decided we would buy some on our way out. We wandered around looking at all the booths and again noticed that they were selling things that had nothing to do with strawberries. They didn’t even decorate anything with strawberries. I was beginning to question life and the existence of strawberries when we finally saw the most gigantic strawberry shortcake. How gigantic you ask? World record gigantic. So we bought a big piece of the world record strawberry shortcake, all took a big bite, and were all disappointed. At least we can saw we had a bite of the Guinness Book of World Records strawberry shortcake. That’s got to count for something.


We decided to grab our chocolate covered strawberries and walk around a bit more. We figured we were had to be missing something and the strawberry fields had to be a bit further down. The farther we went the more hopeless we became. Our dream of romping in the strawberry fields, finding the perfect strawberry, picking it right off the vine, and eating it right there was fading quickly. We finally concluded that we were at a strawberry festival without any strawberries.

We turned around and headed back. We were just about back to the petting zoo when we spotted it. A lone strawberry stand with only 5 pints of strawberries left. We each bought a pint. It seemed like a small victory that day, but an important one. As we left Sarah said one last tearful goodbye to her little goat. It had been a strange festival. But at least we ended up with a few strawberries at the end of it.


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Outdoor Ballet

I love the ballet. It’s part of my 33% more fun program. So tonight when I heard about a ballet being performed at an outdoor theater it sounded like a great activity.

I decided to take my newly acquired 3 year old yellow lab, Dante. He belonged to my fiance, but I have adopted him and I’m trying to get him out and about more. I thought this was a great opportunity to take him out and see how he does in this sort of setting.

Here are the things I learned tonight…
1. Dante loves popcorn and it’s a great way to bribe him to lay down while watching the show.
2. Dante hates clapping. It totally freaks him out.
3. Dante won’t bark at other dogs. But kites? kites are another thing. They are clearly dangerous, because they fly, and deserve to be barked at and killed if captured.
4. Watching the ballet outside is a totally different experience than watching it in a theater. Lets just say there are more distractions, like kids wanting to pet your hyper dog.
5. The best part about watching a ballet outdoors was that I was able to enjoy popcorn and a slushy. So all in all. It’s balances itself out.


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Message on a Bottle…Cap

There is nothing quite like a hidden message to put a smile on your face. Like the message on the opposite side of a dove candy. “Your smile lights up a room.” Aww how cute, I guess I will smile more.


Open that bottle of beer and on the other side of the cap is a quote that says “Good for You!” That’s right! Good for me for opening a beer. I feel much better now.


This post may sound a bit sarcastic, but I sincerely think that sometimes the little things can help make life so enjoyable. So go for it, take the advice on these wrappers and caps and just see what happens. If nothing else, you’re day is surely to be 33% brighter.


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Cheesy Puns!

My friend is coming back to the US to visit and all she wants is some good queso. She sent out a mass facebook message titled “Flaming Cheese!” to see who would want to join her in her queso expedition. This is the conversation that followed.


Me: Of course I’m in . Queso here we come!
Nathan: Just in queso you were wondering, I’m in too. (Wocka, wocka)
Sarah: Bahahahahaha! I love liquid cheese puns lol. You Gouda be kidding me.
Nathan: And “flaming cheese” should be the name of your next punk rock cover band.
Sarah: Sorry. Lol. I’m just cracking myself up. Yes! It so should!
Nathan: Just let it brie, already!
Sarah: Bahahshahaja! I’m laughing so hard I’m ‘blue’ in the face.
Nina: Jesus Christ people.Sarah is Blue in the face??I will take it that’s an RSVP yes.
Nathan: I’m getting pretty feta up with all these cheese puns.
Sarah: I’m not sure, let me check. Work is gonna be shit that week. But, in the mean time I am RSVPing yes to cheese pun participation.
Nina: I’m bad at puns, but I’m good at pubs??
Me: I let you all alone for 2 minutes and what happens. Cheese Puns!
Nina: Woman, they your silly friends.
Nathan: This really gouda’nt get any worse.
Me: You can at least take responsibility for Sarah.
Nina: Nope, she’s yours in your town now!
Sarah: If this is really cheesing you off we could stop.
Me: Colby do any worse?
Nina: Jack-offs, all a y’all!
Nathan: This group message just got Jacked!
Nina: See, I really can’t pun.
Sarah: Good effort. But you kind of shredded it.
Me: I’m not so good with them either. Who know Sarah and Nathan were so full of puns?
Nathan: I Havarti come to that conclusion.
Me: Has Tim left the conversation yet?
Sarah: Full of something. Stuffed if you will.
Nathan: Curd someone else jump in on this conversation?
Nina: Haha hell be out the sec he sees it.
Nathan: He sounds like a total Muenster.
Nina: Coulda woulda Gouda??
Sarah: It’s been nice shooting the Brie-ze but in off to sleep. Sweet cheese all.
Nathan: Sweet creams!
Me: You are all so cheesy!



Silly Signs at Work

My company is moving to a new office soon. We have a ridiculous amount of emails and signs posted everywhere. The emails and signs are long and complicated and quite frankly just no fun. So I decided to simplify things for people.



Yup! 33% more fun, 50% more clear, and 95% more creative.

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Duck and Cover

Pink duck iphone cover! Enough said.


Is it ridiculous? Yes.
Should it be on my professional work phone? Probably not.
Is it 33% more fun? Undeniably.

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