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My Rainy Saturday

This weekend was special, to put it nicely. First, my car got towed while it was legally parked on the street in front of my house. Thanks Houston. So my husband and I made a plan to pick it up early the next morning before he went to his Saturday class. A few hundred dollars later I had my car and was headed home and looking forward to crawling back into bed, but I would not be so lucky.

See, the car that got towed is our spar car that we are working on selling. It wasn’t until I got home that morning that I remembered we had taken the house key off of the key chain. I was locked out. Crap, crappidy, crap, crap, crap!!!

The rain was coming down hard as I pulled out a chair and just sat in the middle of the garage. It was a little past 8am and I seriously contemplated if it was too early to start drinking. My husbands class was a 4 hr class way on the other side of town, it didn’t really seem to make since to go get the key from him, surely I could entertain myself some way.

I pulled out my phone, “Great, 20% battery. I guess I’m not entertaining myself with youtube videos. Think, think, think. How do I turn lemons into lemonade? With Vodka! Maybe it’s not too early to start drinking. No it’s definitely too early to start drinking.” So I just sat there and kept thinking.

I finally remembered that I’d always wanted to go to the Printing Museum. That seemed like a good activity for a rainy day. The printing museum was actually kind of amazing! Of course it explained the history of printing and it had old newspapers displayed. I really liked the papers from colonial times, they even had colonial currency.

IMG_5652 IMG_5653

I was also interested to hear that the typewriter had a bit of a bumpy start when it first came out and it took the invention of the telephone before the typewriter really got its start.


The museum had wonderful old printing machines and because it was Saturday they were doing demonstrations. I found it absolutely fascinating. The Linotype was the most interesting. You type the word or phrase you want on the keyboard which drops a mold of each letter. When the typist is ready the machine pours a melted metal consisting of lead, antimony, and tin to make the cast. Then they put all the casts together to create the page for printing. When they are done with the casts they just remelt them. I thought this was just so cool and ingenious.


If you ever get a chance to go to the Print Museum in Houston you should go. Especially on a Saturday when they are doing demonstrations. I also saw demonstrations on papermaking, bookbinding,  and limestone lithography. What started out as a crappy day turned into a pretty fun adventure. It was definately 33% more fun than sitting in my garage for 4 hours, wallowing in self pity and waiting for my husband to come home.

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