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The Great VH4


Mine friend Victor passed away yesterday while out for a run. I can’t think of a better way to honor him than his very own 33% post, (actually I can think of tons of better ways to honor him, but this is fun and I think he’d approve)

He was one of those people with so much charisma. He loved life and made other people love it too. He genuinely cared about people and their dreams. He was a cheerleader for everyone, inspiring us all onward. He followed his dreams with a focus I’ve never know before or since. He had such passion for science and felt determined to ignite that fire in people of all ages. He just thought life was wicked awesome and lived it fully.

He was actually a big part of my 33% More Fun. He loved the concept, but more importantly you just couldn’t not have fun and enjoy life when he was around. We did lots of 33% activities. One of my favorites was when we went and saw an Aeros hockey game. He loved hockey, all sports really. He helped explain the game to me as we cheered on our cities B team. Somewhere during the night we started talking about hockey team names and wondered how they were named. We decided to trying coming up with some of our own team names. I don’t remember the full list (we played the game for quite a while) but here were some of my favorites that I still remember.

  1. Prescott Asscotes
  2. Dillion Pickles
  3. Orange Bananas
  4. Saratoga Greek Gods
  5. Scranton Squirrels

Scranton Squirrels

There moto is “Don’t mess with us cause we’re nuts!”

Victor, you’ll be missed by many but we’re all rooting that you’re up among the stars where you always wanted to be. To Infinity and Beyond!


I’ve rewritten this blog a hundred times today. How do you describe someone who was larger than life and made everyone’s life better by just being in his vicinity? How do you choose which characteristics and stories to write when these descriptions and memories could fill books upon books? Because the reality is, that all words fail when trying to describe who he is and the hole you suddenly feel. I’m old enough to know better than to find that endless loop that ask, “Why did this happen?” So instead, I choose to feel inspired. And in the next weeks and months to come I hope I can take a lesson from his life and live my life fuller, with more time for friends, family, fun, and laughter. And although it won’t be visible to others, each time I do, I’ll say a quiet prayer, thanking him for inspiring me.

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Finding a Peaceful Place

This morning I woke up feeling good. I felt renewed and excited about what the day would bring. I’ve been in a funk that last few days and I was tired of feeling blah. So last night as I lay day for bed I thought, “What do I like to do?” Camping came to mind. Then I thought, “Why do I like it?” Then my mind really started racing! “I like the feeling of being outside. I like the feeling of wide open space. I like the beauty of nature. I like the way it smells and sounds. I like the smell of fall and the beautiful colors on all the trees. I like the feeling of the crisp cool air. I like bundling up in sweaters. I like the feeling of freedom I feel when I camp. I get to choose what I do with my time. I like the people I go camping with. I like being in this nice easy environment where we are all relaxed and able to enjoy each other. I like sitting around campfires and enjoying stories. I like roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores. And at the end of the night I like staring up at the stars and feeling the vastness of the universe….” And so my mind continued on, feeling wonderful as I drifting off into a peaceful sleep. And somewhere, as I slept, my attitude of my life was changing, allowing me to wake up feeling wonderful and refresh, almost as if I had just actually gone camping. It’s amazing what the mind can do and how these little things can change our view on life.

camping stars fire copy

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