33 % More Fun

Life is supposed to be fun

Farmer’s Market

on June 10, 2014


I’ve been hearing about this great farmer’s market for years and I finally went. It was awesome! While I was wondering through and taking it all in, I was reminded of Taiwan and the markets I use to go to. Instinctually I wanted to speak Chinese and it rolled off my tough with such familiarity. I had to rack my brain for my high school Spanish, surely lodged somewhere in my memory. But despite my best efforts only Chinese came to mind. Oddly enough, I even fumbled on my English as I bought tons of wonderful vegetables. At the back of the farmer’s market I found a stand where you could buy an opened coconut to drink from. I use to get those in Taiwan too. So of course I bought one. It was so much fun to wondered around with my coconut cup, full of coconut water, buying lots of fresh vegetables. I’d even say it was 33% more fun and will probably become a repeat weekend activity. 



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