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Outdoor Ballet

I love the ballet. It’s part of my 33% more fun program. So tonight when I heard about a ballet being performed at an outdoor theater it sounded like a great activity.

I decided to take my newly acquired 3 year old yellow lab, Dante. He belonged to my fiance, but I have adopted him and I’m trying to get him out and about more. I thought this was a great opportunity to take him out and see how he does in this sort of setting.

Here are the things I learned tonight…
1. Dante loves popcorn and it’s a great way to bribe him to lay down while watching the show.
2. Dante hates clapping. It totally freaks him out.
3. Dante won’t bark at other dogs. But kites? kites are another thing. They are clearly dangerous, because they fly, and deserve to be barked at and killed if captured.
4. Watching the ballet outside is a totally different experience than watching it in a theater. Lets just say there are more distractions, like kids wanting to pet your hyper dog.
5. The best part about watching a ballet outdoors was that I was able to enjoy popcorn and a slushy. So all in all. It’s balances itself out.


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