33 % More Fun

Life is supposed to be fun

Message on a Bottle…Cap

There is nothing quite like a hidden message to put a smile on your face. Like the message on the opposite side of a dove candy. “Your smile lights up a room.” Aww how cute, I guess I will smile more.


Open that bottle of beer and on the other side of the cap is a quote that says “Good for You!” That’s right! Good for me for opening a beer. I feel much better now.


This post may sound a bit sarcastic, but I sincerely think that sometimes the little things can help make life so enjoyable. So go for it, take the advice on these wrappers and caps and just see what happens. If nothing else, you’re day is surely to be 33% brighter.


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Slow dance

The BF and I headed to my friend’s wedding this weekend. It was tons of fun. We spent a lot of time discussing what we would like at our wedding (Right!?!, Totally crazy and awesome at the same time.) We also spent a fair amount of time on the dance floor, swinging, twisting, jumping, and having fun. The last song of the night was Brian Adams “Everything I do, I do it for you.” The DJ asked all the single people to stay on the dance floor and dance as well. As I slowed dance with Nathan, it finally really hit me that I’m no longer one of the single girls. I’m no longer is some relationship that I don’t know what’s going to happen next. To people on the outside looking in, it seems as if we are moving fast. But really it just seems like this beautiful slow dance, swaying to the beat of our own hearts.

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