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Birthday Brunch

I love brunch. What could be better? Breakfast food and lunch food together? Brilliant. Whoever invented brunch should totally be rewarded.

My birthday fell in the middle of the week this year. I’m getting a bit too old to head out on a weeknight and expect to get up for work in the morning. So I decided on a weekend birthday brunch to celebrate. What better than a good mimosa in the morning.

I had a small crowd of friends come. It was perfect. We had brunch, drank mimosas, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed ourself. Here is to mimosas in the morning. Brilliant!!!


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Not too long ago I went and ran some errands with my new boyfriend. It was really our first shopping experience together and I wasn’t really sure how it would go. It was going along just fine until we ended up in the makeup aisle. (Anyone who knows me realizes what a funny statement that is.) I happened to need some new makeup, but because I don’t wear it very often I have no idea how to shop for it. I was picking up all sorts of eye shadows, eyeliners, and lipstick and mulling over them for quite a while.

The new BF hung in there pretty well but finally excused himself with some excuse that he needed a drink. I took that cue to mean I needed to hurry up. I quickly made my decision and headed towards the registers. I checked out and as I looked for him I saw my new BF with 2 huge icees. He smiled at me and said, “I figured you would like cherry.” How did he know!?! Cherry is my favorite! I love icees! I practically skipped out of Target feeling like a kid with my hands wrapped around my cherry icee and the biggest smile ever.

“Yup,” I thought to myself, “Life is a good.” A BF who can handle going shopping with me and buys me a cherry icees!!! That definitely makes my life 33% more fun.