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Cheesy Puns!

My friend is coming back to the US to visit and all she wants is some good queso. She sent out a mass facebook message titled “Flaming Cheese!” to see who would want to join her in her queso expedition. This is the conversation that followed.


Me: Of course I’m in . Queso here we come!
Nathan: Just in queso you were wondering, I’m in too. (Wocka, wocka)
Sarah: Bahahahahaha! I love liquid cheese puns lol. You Gouda be kidding me.
Nathan: And “flaming cheese” should be the name of your next punk rock cover band.
Sarah: Sorry. Lol. I’m just cracking myself up. Yes! It so should!
Nathan: Just let it brie, already!
Sarah: Bahahshahaja! I’m laughing so hard I’m ‘blue’ in the face.
Nina: Jesus Christ people.Sarah is Blue in the face??I will take it that’s an RSVP yes.
Nathan: I’m getting pretty feta up with all these cheese puns.
Sarah: I’m not sure, let me check. Work is gonna be shit that week. But, in the mean time I am RSVPing yes to cheese pun participation.
Nina: I’m bad at puns, but I’m good at pubs??
Me: I let you all alone for 2 minutes and what happens. Cheese Puns!
Nina: Woman, they your silly friends.
Nathan: This really gouda’nt get any worse.
Me: You can at least take responsibility for Sarah.
Nina: Nope, she’s yours in your town now!
Sarah: If this is really cheesing you off we could stop.
Me: Colby do any worse?
Nina: Jack-offs, all a y’all!
Nathan: This group message just got Jacked!
Nina: See, I really can’t pun.
Sarah: Good effort. But you kind of shredded it.
Me: I’m not so good with them either. Who know Sarah and Nathan were so full of puns?
Nathan: I Havarti come to that conclusion.
Me: Has Tim left the conversation yet?
Sarah: Full of something. Stuffed if you will.
Nathan: Curd someone else jump in on this conversation?
Nina: Haha hell be out the sec he sees it.
Nathan: He sounds like a total Muenster.
Nina: Coulda woulda Gouda??
Sarah: It’s been nice shooting the Brie-ze but in off to sleep. Sweet cheese all.
Nathan: Sweet creams!
Me: You are all so cheesy!



Silly Signs at Work

My company is moving to a new office soon. We have a ridiculous amount of emails and signs posted everywhere. The emails and signs are long and complicated and quite frankly just no fun. So I decided to simplify things for people.



Yup! 33% more fun, 50% more clear, and 95% more creative.

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Ruby Reds for Wicked

I finally went to see Wicked. My mom and sisters have been raving about it for years. I was so excited to go! I like going to the theater. It’s fun and makes me feel sophisticated.

Part of the fun is dressing up. After picking out my dress I sorted through my mound of shoes. In the back, I found my red heels that had been forgotten. I suddenly imagined glittering them and feeling like Dorthy. I didn’t. But I did change my dress and wore my ruby red’s to see Wicked! Seeing Wicked was tons of fun. But accessorising to complement the story was 33% more fun!

If only I had bought these in the Dallas airport.


Wicked 2: Hoe Down in Texas, the Making of the Ruby Red Cowboy Boots.

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