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Disturbing the Time Space Continuum

I have this thing where I think everything needs to be in chronological order. This idea tends to hinder me, particularly when it comes to blogging, because it should all be in chronological order. If by chance I’ve done a 33% more fun activity and I haven’t written about it and then I do another 33% more fun activity, I CLEARLY can only write about the latest and greatest 33% activity. But I’ve decided that this will be NO MORE.

I actually did a lot of 33% more fun activities this last year that I haven’t written about. I have a whole list of blogs to write up, but this chronological order things seems to keep getting in the way.

This year I will bravely go where no one has gone before and I will test the Time Space Continuum and I will blog OUT OF ORDER!!!! Can I get an “AMEN!”


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