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Finding the Upside

I know I have a tendency toward optimism in my life but I haven’t been so great about bring it to work. My challenge this week is to try and find the upside to as many situations as possible. If I have the opportunity I will write it down (I think writing things down is a great way to remind yourself that you are on the right track.)

Here’s an example conversation I had with my boss this morning.
Boss: How are you today?
Me: Much better, thank you. And yourself?
Boss: Well, it’s still early, I don’t know yet.
Me: In that case, at least it’s not bad yet.
Boss: (chuckling) At least you found the upside.

Cue the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

I mean seriously, couldn’t you just keep whistling that song all day? It’s such a catchy tune.

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Ride in a Convertable

Ride in a convertible. Sounds like something I should of had on my life list, and why on earth haven’t I done this sooner? Seriously, it was totally fun. Who knows why? Maybe it was my imagination that I was in some teen drama movie where all of your friend hop in a car (convertible) and just take off. My friend were less impressed than I was but they still helped me to indulge in my idiotic fantasy.

John: “Anyone know where we could get some beers?”
Anne: “Like totally man. You know Jimmy, the quarter back, always has some beer over at his house.”
Katie: “Yah, he just throws the best parties.”
Anne: “Let me text him and see what he’s up to. I’m sure he’s totally down for going to the beach and drinking.”
Katie: “Yah, like maybe he’s even willing to bring some of his friends.”
Anne: “I really hope Rob comes, cause he’s just soooo HOT.”
Katie: “Totally!”

BTW riding in a convertible is really this awesome…

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